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I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.

-- Albert Einstein

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Name Marker Latitude/LongitudeSubmitted On
jlowe Member 50.999065/0.38726826-Feb-2007
shudson Member 52.358016/-1.28866226-Feb-2007
honey Member 50.541363/-1.18652326-Feb-2007
SoulR Member 32.620870/-117.11425826-Feb-2007
rosbif Member 53.416796/-2.24018126-Feb-2007
Liesl Member -33.541395/18.72070326-Feb-2007
accrossfr Member 49.224100/2.50660026-Feb-2007
koguc Member 49.210420/2.46368426-Feb-2007
charpentierfamily Member 43.068888/11.25000026-Feb-2007
susan Member 53.383328/-6.28418026-Feb-2007
celine Member 51.651685/-3.77929726-Feb-2007
hilandwil Member 37.175637/-95.09611126-Feb-2007
Elisaterence Member 51.508742/-0.17578126-Feb-2007
krikorkasp Member 49.113434/2.48016426-Feb-2007
jonb Member 51.143171/0.87341326-Feb-2007
Anniemgm Member 49.178898/2.67740226-Feb-2007
epASSOUS Member 36.279707/-86.63818426-Feb-2007
Spoons Member 53.220835/-6.62750226-Feb-2007
Rachel Member 47.754098/-119.53125026-Feb-2007
Doug Member -33.923776/18.42334526-Feb-2007
webmaster Admin 51.234000/-1.34500026-Feb-2007
Ness Moderator -1.270000/36.80400026-Feb-2007
dlewis Moderator 51.536086/-3.25195326-Feb-2007

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