Needed English Montessori teacher

Posted by: CapMontessori on Tuesday February 06, 2018 (14:16:09)

Cap Montessori will open up next September in Raray (France – 60810).
It is an independant school, run by an non-profit organisation.
It offers a bilingual and respectful education, grounded on the Montessori educational approach and non-violent communication.

We are looking for qualified Montessori teachers for class groups 3-6 years and 6-12 years to fill open-contract positions.

    You are qualified or in the process of qualifying as a Montessori teacher ? You have a strong background in education ? You are dynamic, caring, enthusiastic and ready to actively participate in the school's evolution ?
For more information about our project and to put forward your application for the available positions, contact us !


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