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CCC vs Thoiry

Posted by: Anonymous on Monday July 11, 2016 (12:34:49)

With Chantilly Cricket Club having started the 2016 season with one win and one loss, this match against Thoiry at the Apremont Oval would be the one to tip the scales one way or another.

During the week, the CCC XI was put together in record time, and a fine crowd turned up to watch the match. Was this due to the fact that this was captain and president Nick Clarke's final match?
If so, would they see another century from the only club member to have ever reached the elusive three-figure milestone?

Having lost the toss and being asked to field first, the CCC players, with a strong bowling line-up, knew from past experience that Thoiry was capable of putting on big totals.

Robin and Adrian opened up with the new ball. Robin bowled excellent line and length; his paternity leave and lack of sleep seeming to have had no ill effect on his bowling. He picked up two wickets (one was a catch in the glue-like hands of Adrian, and the other was clean bowled!), which gave CCC the early boost they needed.

At the other end, Adrian was having a little more trouble, with several deliveries being sent to (and over) the boundary during his 3 over spell. At this point, Jonathan Taylor, Thoiry's key batsman, was starting to look dangerously comfortable.

Bowling changes were made, with Shaban and Jimmy coming on. Shaban proved to be a handful for the batsmen as usual, but neither bowler could take wickets (Jimmy still hasn't taken one this year!), as the Thoiry total continued to steadily climb.

Following drinks, another bowling change was ordered, with Eddy and Saravanan coming on. Bringing on opening bowlers around the half way mark is an interesting tactic, but would it pay off for CCC?


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The answer is yes! Eddy and Saravanan picked up 3 wickets each (that's 6 wickets in total folks), while keeping runs to a minimum. It must be said at this point, that Chantilly's fielding, which can sometimes be about as attractive as Northen Hemisphere rugby (what was that Aus vs Eng tour result last month? - ed), was impressive throughout the Thoiry innings. Several catches were taken: Azhar taking two and raising the roof with a one-handed pearler). As Thoiry continued to move towards an ominous total, they were at least losing wickets on a regular basis, stunting their momentum in the final overs.

Jonathan Taylor was eventually removed for a classy 107 (due to Dominic's quick feet and safe hands in the in-field) but CCC could not quite take the final wicket, and so Thoiry finished their innings with an impressive and rather daunting 197/9; a total that would require some solid batting from several batsmen for Chantilly to be in with a chance.

After the players and guests had enjoyed an impressive array of homemade cakes and sandwiches, Nick S and Dominic strolled out into the middle to begin Chantilly's task of chasing 198 for victory.

Unfortunately, Dominic didn't last long, falling on the wrong side of an LBW appeal for only 3 runs, and his replacement Jitendra was caught for an early duck. CCC were suddenly 2 wickets down with only 10 runs on the board.

Nick S managed to stay a little longer, taking some shine off the new ball, but he too eventually fell for 4, when a good ball found its way through to his stumps.

Chantilly were now 33/3 after only 8 overs; 198 was starting to look a long way off.

In the meantime, Shaban had found the middle of his bat and several deliveries had found the outside of the boundary rope. His new batting partner Eddy, not wanting to be left out of the fun, quickly found some form also, as the two big-hitters started to hit big. With a flurry of fours and a side order of sixes, the boundary blitz continued.

Unfortunately, fun always has to end at some point, and so it did for Eddy, as he eventually fell for a very respectable 36 (a total that included three sixes). Shaban and Eddy's partnership didn't quite make it to drinks, but it did take the team past 100 with half the overs left to go. CCC were looking good.

This brought Nick C to the middle for the last time in his distinguished CCC career. The Thoiry team, having been on the receiving end of some Nick Clarke magic in the past, gave him a fitting send off with a guard of honour forming as he approached the wicket.

While Nick gave himself some time to get settled at one end, (and to wipe away the tears) Shaban was going about his usual business at the other, sending several more balls to the boundary. One of his sixes, to Azhar's horror, nearly took out the front windscreen of a particularly new-looking Audi. Fortunately it only brushed a wheel, so Shaban's innings and life continued, although not for much longer though. Shaban was finally caught on 89; a total consisting of a staggering 13 boundaries. Would Nick C and the CCC tail be able to finish off what Shaban and Eddy had started? Would Azhar finally tap into his well of talent?

Read on to find out.....

The answer is no! Despite a steady innings of 18 from Nick C, some good hitting from Adrian (11 not out), a solid 9 from Saravanan, a couple of decent shots from Jimmy (4), another anticlimactic 3 from Azhar, and an additional 1 from Robin, CCC fell short of the required total by a frustrating 9 runs, reaching 189/9 from their 35 overs.

It was a bitter-sweet result for the Chantilly team. Scoring 189 in any match would usually end in victory, a couple of players produced some of the best batting seen at Apremont over the past couple of seasons, the bowlers reined in a total that could have been much bigger, the fielding was of a high standard unseen in recent years, but in the end, it just wasn't enough.

So, CCC are now 1 win from 3 matches as we reach the summer break.

Thanks must be given to Robin for scoring the entire match, all CCC members for providing excellent teas, Eddy for once again providing protection from the rain, Adrian for presenting more members' caps and taking photos, Nick S and Sarah for bringing and setting up the tea equipment, but most importantly Nick Clarke, who has given so much to the club over the past 9 years.

We thank you for your input and leadership Nick. All the best for your new contract in the IPL! (Inglish Parish League? - ed)

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