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Home & Away - November 2012

Posted by: webmaster on Tuesday October 16, 2012 (14:28:41)

Thanks to all those who came along to the Home & Away dinner in Heilles - I've written a review of the evening here; do have a look and feel free to comment on it if you agree or disagree.

Our next event is slightly different. It will be 'home' event; that is held in someone's home. The format though will be slightly different. Jo and Lee Pretsell have very kindly agreed to open up their house again for us for an evening (they have moved since the last time they did this so we could say it's somewhere new). However, we will be using this opportunity to raise some money. Jo, for reasons known only to herself, has managed to get herself a place at the 2013 London Marathon. She will be raising money for the GET KIDS GOING charity. They fund disabled children upto the age of 26 years to enable them to particpate and compete in sports. Her place is conditional on raising £2000. So our meal at Jo's will take the following format:

Jo and Lee will supply curries for everyone along with some accompaniements like naans and poppadoms. Everyone coming needs to bring either a starter, accompaniement or dessert, enough for around a minimum of 5 people. Most importantly they also need to bring anything they would like to drink, be it wine or beer or whatever. The cost will be 20€ per person, ie half what we would normally pay for a night out. All profits from the evening will go directly to Jo's charity to help her reach her target.

The date of the dinner is Saturday November 17th, from 20h. Please could you let me or Jo know, by reply or by emailing Jo direct at leeandjopretsell@hotmail.com whether you'll be coming and what you might like to bring. Hopefully if all of our regulars can make it we can go a long way to getting Jo up to her target and beyond.
If you'd to give now, or can't make the dinner but would like to donate anyway, please visit Jo's charity page here.


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