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CCC vs British Embassy

Match Reports 2016

CCC vs British Embassy

Soumis par: webmaster à Lundi Mai 30, 2016 (11:52:04)   (6991 Lectures)
Ready to bat
Ready to bat
With a newly flattened pitch, and a newly laid mat, the players of Chantilly Cricket Club were eager to get out in the middle for their first match of the 2016 season against the British Embassy.

Could CCC continue their good form of 2015? How would the new pitch play? Would the British Embassy have any players that actually worked for the British Embassy? Read on to find out.....

On a pleasant, sunny afternoon, CCC batted first, in what would be a 35 over match.

The Embassy's opening bowler looked rather sharp, and proved to be quite effective, as he immediately made inroads into the CCC batting order. In the blink of an eye, CCC were 3 down with only 17 runs on the board; Nick S, Shaban, and new-comer Azher, all going cheaply.

Eddy and Saravanan steadied the ship though, and managed to begin accumulating some runs, but it wasn't to last, as Eddy was given caught behind on 18, with the ball 'possibly' knicking his gloves on the way past his bat towards the wicket-keepers gloves.

This brought Jimmy to the crease, as he and Saravanan found ways to collect some more runs, before Saravanan found himself walking back to the 'Pavillion'. (bench)

Nick C then strode out to the middle to join Jimmy, who had begun finding the middle of his bat surprisingly early in the season. The two middle-order batsmen started building a useful partnership that took the Chantilly total past 100.


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With the final overs of the innings approaching, Jimmy tried to hit one-too-many to the boundary, but instead started the long walk back to the 'Pavillion' (his car) as he heard the stumps shattering behind him.

Nick C, realising it was time to push for as big a total as possible, advanced the score even further with some excellent stroke-play, hitting the boundary rope with pleasing regularity. Adrian provided good support from the other end, until their partnership was broken, bringing Dominic to the middle, to hit out with Adrian. Dom made the most of his pinch-hitter role, hitting his first six for CCC. Robin, having scored the entire innings, waiting patiently for his turn, did not get to bat.

Nick C top scored with a potentially match-winning 70 as CCC went to the 'Catering Hall' (Eddy's Gazebo) for cakes, sandwiches and tea, happy in the knowledge that they would be defending a rather respectable total of 174.


Some tight bowling from openers Robin and Eddy, (and an early wicket from Robin) meant that the Embassy opening batsmen couldn't get out of first gear. After 8 overs, they had only 20 runs, meaning they would need to score quickly for the rest of the innings if they wanted to reach 175 to win.

Jimmy and Shaban were the next bowling change, but the Embassy batsmen started finding their rhythm at this point; the run rate picked up and wickets did not fall.

Eventually Shaban managed to remove another of the opening batsmen, and Ali, a new player for CCC, also chipped in to help send a third batsman on his way.

At this point the CCC players were feeling confident, although not certain of a victory. The Embassy batsmen were running sensibly between the wickets, maximising their chances. The Chantilly bowling remained tight enough to limit boundaries, but the runs kept coming nonetheless.

Saravanan bowled very well through the middle overs, as did Shaban, to restrict scoring opportunties for the Embassy batsmen. CCC were not helped by a clear caught behind that was heard by everyone in the field, including the horses over on Polo Ground # 5. Unfortunately however, the batsman, nor the umpire, heard it.

With only a handfull of overs left, the Embassy batsmen had the target in their sights, if they could score around 7 or 8 per over. Eddy and Adrian were brought on to bowl at the death, hoping to pick up some wickets while limiting the scoring. Adrian's spin was not easy for them to get away, and Eddy picked up crucial wickets and dot balls, ensuring that Chantilly won their first match of the season by 12 runs.

So, with a 100% winning record after their first match, and a new pitch that proved to be 100% flatter and more consistent than the previous one, the CCC players left the ground in good spirits.

The only unanswered question remains.......does anyone in the BE team actually work for the British Embassy?
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