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Thoiry vs CCC

Match Reports 2014

Thoiry vs CCC

Posted by: webmaster on Sunday July 13, 2014 (09:36:00)   (4780 Reads)

15th June 2014 – “No Roaring Lions”

Thoiry had a championnat game in the morning and were going to struggle to get up to Chantilly at a reasonable time, so we decided to play the game down there.

Chantilly welcomed back Shaban for this game but could still only muster 9 players. Thoiry lent a man to the Chantilly cause (Dilip) and so it was to be: 10 against 10; 35 overs on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon.

Thoiry won the toss and decided to bat – something they didn’t have much of a chance to do successfully in the morning, apparently.

Jimmy Regan and Robin Richardson opened the CCC bowling attack against Tyson and Hussan, the former quickly finding his form, hitting a 6 off Jimmy in only his 2nd over.

The first wicket to fall was that of Hussan, caught for 15 behind the wicket by Jack Oakley off the bowling of Richardson. Tyson had his skates on though and reached his 50 through 2 consecutive 4s in the 15th over. Was he dropped at first slip by yours truly? I’m relieved to report that it would have been adjudged a bump ball!

Shaban looked the most threatening of the Chantilly bowlers, generating impressive pace of a not much of a run-up – sort of the opposite of what our ex-president used to do (- hope you’re still reading the match reports, Lee!) and didn’t deserve to come away without a wicket.

Jimmy Regan’s poor luck with the ball at Thoiry continued and he too failed to break through. However, he did pick up 2 catches, which for the record (and assuming that no-one else remembers or claims otherwise) were brilliantly taken – the ball travelling at such a speed as to cause a slight sonic boom at it came off the bat, both feet off the ground and whilst reading the Sunday Times World Cup pull-out.

Jack Oakley also picked up a couple of catches at wicky in the end; the second off the outside edge of John Hardy’s bat.

But it was the tidy persistence of Robin Richardson that earned him his 2 wickets and the best figures of the day for Chantilly: 2 for 20 off 7 overs. Prana also bowled well it should be said, until a devastating last over that went for 20.

Tyson’s well-deserved century came in the 29th over after which he retired. I don’t remember him giving a chance along the way – very impressive.

The expensive run rate continued to the end of the Thoiry innings with Usman picking up 56 (run out on the last ball), and new Thoiry import Ridwan hitting a quick 26, leaving the home side with 228 for 7.

Knowing that we had been all out for 49 the last time we played didn’t stop us over-indulging once again in the generous Thoiry tea. Indigestion is not for Chantilly players – we’re tougher than that. Tendonitis, arthritis, sore neck/back/finger, pulled hamstring/calf/groin/shoulder, hangover… these are all familiar words to the men of Chantilly; but never indigestion, even after a hurriedly dispatched second portion of cake.

Oakley and Sansbury opened for Chantilly, the latter struggling to get serious bat on ball. He provided an important steadying influence however, contributing a valuable 3 runs in the opening partnership of 42. As batsmen came and went at the other end, Oakley looked settled for the afternoon, getting to his 50 with plenty more overs to go much further. However, he stalled a little and was caught on the square leg boundary for 56 off the bowling of Cedric.

At the other end now was Shaban, under instruction to make hay, which he did for a while – taking a 6 off Cedric before being unfortunately caught next ball for 20.

So we found ourselves at the game’s tipping point once more: 103 for 5; 20 overs gone; required run rate at least 8 an over; and the soft underbelly of middle order hanging there… (Not a pretty image is it.) Actually in hindsight, we had already tipped.

Dilip contributed 5 runs and Jimmy looked comfortable for his 8, but wickets continued to fall against a varied and experimental Thoiry bowling attack. Jack Oakley made his highest score of the year with 9 – the only way is up, Jack.
Jean-François came and went quickly, but was permitted to come back as no. 11 where he at least got the satisfaction of belting a 4 before getting out again, bowled by Ardvind on the last ball of the match.

It was mentioned that we don’t hear the lions of Thoiry much anymore, roaring at feeding time in the afternoon. Apparently, from those that know, they’re all rather content these days – they get on well with each other and they can have their share of the food without fear of having to fight over it. No need to get too excited when there’s not much competition.
And so it was with the cricket. We had a very pleasant afternoon without ever looking like causing our opposition any trouble at all. No bared teeth from either side, rather the opposite in fact. All jolly nice and polite and another one comfortably in the bag for Thoiry Cricket Club!
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