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Guidelines for 6ième at Chantilly Collège

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Guidelines for 6ième at Chantilly Collège

Posted by: webmaster on Wednesday September 03, 2008 (21:08:21)   (2431 Reads)
Our daughter has just had her first day at the collège of Chantilly where we were given a lot of information to absorb and a lot of rules to follow! I thought it would be a good idea to post this information here so that other parents have something to refer to so that the first day is not so difficult for anyone else. If you can see something I've missed or something that has changed please follow the thread to the discussion forum and let everyone know.

Rules of the School

The school starts at 0845 every morning. Your child may have a later start depending on their timetable for the day but I understand that the library is available for them should you need to drop them off at the same time every day.

Mobile phones are not permitted to be used in any of the classrooms or the corridors. Any child found using a phone will have it confiscated and it can only be retrieved by a parent. In the past phones have been stolen from bags in classrooms or whilst the children are playing sport. A locker is provided to each child (in pairs) and it is advised that phones are either kept on the child themselves or in that locker.

For those children who require them they will receive a canteen card and a transport card, both with photos. If either is lost there is a fine of €10 to replace them.

No toilet paper is provided in the school - this following incidents of the toilets being blocked off! You are therefore advised to bring your own paper!

Rules of the class

Children are requested not to ask to go to the bathroom during class time. Breaks between classes are short so the advice is that if you think you might need to go, go as soon as the class finishes.

The 'Cahier de Liaison' is the point of contact between the school and parents. Any messages from the school will be placed in the cahier, and it should be signed by a parent to show that it has been read and understood. If you wish to get in touch with a member of staff you can do it through the same book - although you will also be able to get in touch by phone.

The cahier de liaison will need to have a photo attached to the front. This is required to be in your child’s bag every day. If they are unable to show this book with the photo when requested they may be asked to leave the school - as this book is your child’s proof that they are a pupil!

The teacher will ensure that the children will have contact details of at least two other children so that in the event your child misses school you will be able to get in touch with someone to get a copy of the lessons missed and homework. Being an APARC member means that you will also be able to get in touch with any other APARC member via the APARC website.

Homework will be written in each child’s 'Cahier de text'. There will also be a copy of a cahier kept in the school so that you can copy directly from it if needed. In 6ième you can expect your child to receive around one hour of homework each day.


You supply all of the paper and writing/drawing equipment for your child. The school provides the books. Because of the weight of all these books your child will be given a copy of each one to take home, whilst a second copy is kept at school. You may also receive some books with CD-ROMs attached. You are responsible for these books and CDs. If you are unable to return these items at the end of the year you will be either a) fined or b) be required to replace them.

Books should be covered to ensure that they last. Again any book too damaged to be returned will need to be replaced.


As there is so much work for the children in 6ième it is strongly recommended that your child attends class whenever they can. That obviously doesn't mean they should attend if unable to rise from their sick-bed or they are contagious, but a simple case of a sore-throat, sniffles or tiredness should not be used as a reason to miss school. The best advice would be to send your child into school with a note written in their cahier de liaison to explain that they are not feeling 'en forme' or that they missed a night's sleep for example. The teachers are human and are happier to have the child in class and listening with a note in their school book to explain rather than absent and having to struggle to catch up on work.

Staff are not permitted to administer first aid or medication to children. If your child needs treatment whilst at school there is a nurse present on Mondays and Tuesday who can help. On other days the teacher will need to get in touch with a parent who will have to come in to the school.

The only medication allowed in the school is that which is accompanied by a prescription (an 'ordonnance'). Prescribed medication is kept in a safe in the infirmary, or on days when the nurse is absent in the classroom. The only exception to this is asthma medication which can obviously be kept by the child.

If your child has to miss school due to sickness you must ring the office of the 'vie scolaire' before the start of school, i.e. anytime between 0800 and 0845. A note will then be made of the absence. At the start of each day each teacher places a list on their classroom door of each child that is not present in the classroom. These lists are then compared with that held in the office of notified absences and the parent of any child that appears on one list and not the other will be called at home or at work to find out where the child is. This system ensures that children have not got lost somewhere on the way to school and that they are not playing truant!

When returning from a period of sickness you must complete the sickness declaration in your child's cahier de liaison. On their first return to school your child must then have this declaration stamped in the office BEFORE they go to class at 0845. If there is a big queue at the office your child should go to their class to inform the teacher of this fact and then return to the queue. A child is not permitted to return to class following sickness without having had their declaration completed and stamped.

Lateness is treated in a similar fashion - you must fill in a declaration and get it stamped on arrival at school.

That's pretty much all I can remember from the morning! Please, if you think of something I've missed or got wrong please following the link to the discussion forum. That way this post can stay as a reminder for future years!
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