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Bonne Franquette, La

We recently visited La Bonne Franquette in a group as the inaugural dinner of the 'Home and Away Dining Society'. As such this review is as much about the night out as it is about the restaurant itself. Souris

La Bonne Franquette is situated right in the heart of Montmartre - on the corner of the rue des Saules and rue Saint Rustique. As such there is obviously a bit of a lack of parking - we spent the best part of half an hour driving up and down the hill before finding somewhere to (double) park. Once there the location adds a great deal to the venue - it's almost always busy, the streets around it bustling with tourists and visitors.

The disadvantage of being in such a touristy location means that the restaurant doesn't have to try too hard to impress with it's food - and to be fair the overall quality of the food was pretty average. More later...

The restaurant itself is split into a couple of rooms. The front area is a typical bistro setting, pictured above, but going through to the back of the restaurant takes you through to the 'entertainment' area, with seating for about 120. This is where we sat with our table for 10.

We all chose the 3-course, €25 menu. This consisted of a prawn salad (lots of salad, light on the prawns) or 6 snails (which smelled better than they tasted, as always!). Main courses chosen where Boeuf Bourgignon (large chunks of meat) or Canard a l'orange. This latter dish was very tender and actually pretty tasty if a little sweet! Dessert was either a coconut ice cream (with chocolate) or a black cherry mousse.

The wine list was a lot bigger than the food menu - a good selection of French wines all divided into regions. The Sancerre was pretty good and I was impressed by the Saint Jacques. I imagine if you were looking to find some good wines on the list you would be able to.

But, the main reason I think anyone would go back to this restaurant was for the entertainment. I can obviously only comment on the one night's show but I would have thought most evenings were similar. For our entertainment we had what could best be described as a Mick Jagger in a Kadgagoogoo wig singing Robin Gibb/Elvis numbers! Tchouta was totally entertaining if a little loud, and very good value for money. It's not something you could ever listen to away from that venue and I don't think you'd appreciate if you weren't with a group of friends with whom you could have a laugh. He did really try though and he helped to create a party atmosphere at our table.

So, would we go back? Probably not. The food was ok - solid tourist fare but nothing special, maybe 5 out of 10. The location was superb, 8 out of 10. The atmosphere overall though was a good 7 out of 10. If you're planning a works do, or getting a crowd out for a birthday then I think you'd enjoy it.

PS Thanks to all who came on our inauguaral dinner. If you'd be interested in joining the Home and Away Dining Society please get in touch - we plan on visiting a different restaurant each month... Très heureux

Title: Bonne Franquette, La
Catégorie: Distant Restaurants
Sous-Catégorie: French Restaurants
Author: webmaster
Related Link: La Bonne Franquette, Paris
Added: Oct 21, 2008
Hits: 26459
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