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English Schools Senlis Area
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Richmond Language Institute cherche professeurs
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Moving to Chantilly - Need to find HOME!
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English babysitter on wednesday afternoons
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Physical Therapist
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Kids team?
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Local Tennis club
Dernier post par Brommers dans Sport le Sep 26, 2017 de 07:56:26

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Business Joke
One day two twin business men, Peter and Adrian, got called in to the manager's office to get promoted. Adrian went in first.
"How old are you?" the manager asked.
"37" Adrian replied.
"How many years have you worked here?"
"Do you prefer my MACs or my PCs?"
"Both sir"
Adrian was promoted. Now it is Peter's turn. He is shy.
"It's easy," Adrian said to comfort him, "all you have to say is 37, 5 and then both sir."
"How many years have you worked here?" the manager asked
"Wow!! How old are you?
"Do you think I am an an idiot or a baby??"
"Both sir."

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