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English speaking meetings

Where do you live? What's there? What are the neighbours like?
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English speaking meetings

Post Posted: Thu Apr 14, 2011 8:11 am

Hello everyone,

I'm French, so English is not my mother tongue, and although I use it on a daily basis, it's mainly some sort of (aeronautical) jargon, and quite rarely plain English.
I discovered that there are different English speaking meetings around Chantilly :
- the Café Philo every saturday in the English Shop
- the mother-toddler group every thursday in St Peter's Church (I have a 6-months old little girl)
- the "coffee and chat" group every wednesday in St Peter's Church.

Do some of you attend one of those groups ?
What do you think of them ?

Thank you




Re: English speaking meetings

Post Posted: Sun Apr 17, 2011 8:06 am

Hello Cilon,

I'm Flemish, l live in Chantilly and go to the mother-toddler group (I have an 18-month old son). I don't use English on a daily basis, but my husband does (he is also in aeronautics).

Most mothers in the group are native English speakers and although I am a newbie in the group (I only went to the last two meetings) both me and my son enjoyed it. We chat about our children and day-to-day life, while the children play together.

Because my husband and I are expats and move to another country every couple of years our son will attend an international school in the near future so this group is a great way for him to get acquainted with the language and for me to brush up my English.

Note that the next meeting will be on Thursday the 5th of May because of the Easter Holiday.

For more info please contact me on kimderiddermichiels @ yahoo.com



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