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English Radio in Chantilly

How do you get SKY? What's the best french tv? What's the cheapest way to call home?
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English Radio in Chantilly

Post Posted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:08 am

I've just posted this in the FAQ section but thought it might be useful to mention it here. I had been asked about listening to English language radio from this area.

The main way to listen would be via the internet. Visit any of the main UK radio station websites and you can listen live online (like BBC Radio, or Virgin). You can even buy a radio that connects wirelessly to your livebox from Orange (see here).

For normal radios we are obviously out of reach of FM broadcasts from the UK. However, on a good day you should be able to receive AM (or MW) broadcasts. Try tuning into BBC Radio 5 on 909 or 693 MHz for starters. You could also find Radio 4 (sometimes) on 720MHz.

Other AM stations you can try are 1053/1089 or 1215. These are pretty weak though in this area.

For those radios with a long wave selector you can get a very clear signal for BBC Radio 4 on 198.

If you have a shortwave radio you can find the BBC world service on a number of different frequencies depending on weather conditions. Try9410 or 12095 for starters.


Adrian Powell

Site Admin
Site Admin
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