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France Telecom - cheaper tarrifs

How do you get SKY? What's the best french tv? What's the cheapest way to call home?
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Who do you use for your telephone deals?





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France Telecom - cheaper tarrifs

Post Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2006 9:24 pm

France Telecom have some cracking deals on at the moment - the best of which seems to be their Optimale offers. Basically you normally pay around €27 a month for your line rental alone. If you switch to the Optimale 2h you get line rental plus 2 hours of calls to France, Europe or North America for just €25! That means 120 minutes of calls for less than the normal line rental!

There is also an offer called optimale illimité +120 which gives you the same line rental and 120 minutes of calls plus unlimited calls to French fixed lines (not mobiles)! There are no connection fees or other charges so for €59 a month you get a pretty good package that could be all you need.

We've just ditched OneTel as although their per minute rates are OK they charge 11c connection fee per call and you still have to pay your line rental on top.

Anyone else switched telecom supplier? Very Happy

Site Admin
Site Admin

Re: France Telecom - cheaper tarrifs

Post Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2006 3:59 pm

France Telecom have further improved their offer as of October 5th. The optimale illimité +120 package now offers unlimited calls to all fixed lines in France, Europe and North America PLUS unlimited calls to North American mobiles! The 120 minutes extra can be used to call French mobiles. The monthly cost remains the same!


Adrian Powell

Site Admin
Site Admin
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