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Moving to Chantilly area & expecting a baby too!

Recommend a doctor or dentist - or discuss any other health related question
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Moving to Chantilly area & expecting a baby too!

Post Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2009 4:41 am

Hi everybody!

we are new to this forum.
Great to see a source of information for expats about living in the Chantilly area.

A short intro, we are of Dutch nationality and will permanently move to the Chantilly area in December from London (LGW). I will work out of CDG, the expanding orange fleet....
We already found a beautiful house, so that one worry less! Also we are already expanding out network with more and more very nice people from the Chantilly area which is fantastic!

We just found out we are expecting our first baby around July next year and therefore we are a trying to get as much info on health care as we can.
At present, our french is basic.

So far I understand we have to go to Creil (CPAM) to get registered. Does anybody have information on:
- If I understand correctly, the carte vitale needs time to be processed (6-8 weeks), can we already visit doctors for free before (my wife needs a scan etc)?
- I found some information on English speaking doctors on the forum, thats great, any doctors close to cires les mello would be an advantage.. any tips here?
- do you require to have a first payslip in order to apply for the card or is a employment contract sufficient?
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance!

Arnoud & Marije




Re: Moving to Chantilly area & expecting a baby too!

Post Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 1:46 am

Hi Arnie

Welcome to the Chantilly area, hope Maarten hasn't been snoring too loudly............

When you get your contract, then our fantastic HR department should apply for a French Social Security Number for you. Once you have this ( you can chase it up through payroll helpdesk), you can then go to CPAM to register for your Carte Vitale. If you haven't got this you can ask Chemoul or La Moule.......
When you go to CPAM then you will need your CDI, Attestation and payslip etc

In the meantime you can use your EHIC from the UK that is supplied from HMRC to claim for medical treatment in France although you may have to pay up front depending on the doctor.

Any Problems, message me or grab me in the crew room


Re: Moving to Chantilly area & expecting a baby too!

Post Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 7:54 pm

Welcome to the area - I'm sure you'll settle in pretty quickly. There do seem to be plenty of dutch/orange/flying type people here (delete as applicable) so you won't stand out too much! You might want to go along to Mothers and Others (details in the Listing section) to meet other young mums - all though it may put you off!

Do feel free to ask away any questions on here - I can't promise to be able to answer them all, but can often find someone that can. You can also sign up on the mailing lists to be kept in touch with what is going on in the area.

I see you're interested in playing footie too - I hope to be able to get something arranged in the next month or so.

Look forward to meeting up.


Adrian Powell

Site Admin
Site Admin
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