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News for Autumn/Winter 2009

The Home & Away Dining Society is a group of like-minded people who a) love meeting people and b) love eating out! Join in our discussions here, or see more details by clicking the link in the menu on the left.
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News for Autumn/Winter 2009

Post Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2009 4:17 pm

I hope everyone had a good summer and is now back into the swing of the rentrée. The early mornings for school runs don't get any easier!

I've just posted the review for our latest outing; a well attended dinner at the Kanimambo in Gouvieux. Thanks again to all those who came along - whilst most would agree the food was 'ok' it was a great occasion to meet people you might not have seen for a while and for some new faces to meet some people too. I think everyone enjoyed themselves, judging by the fact that we had to be 'ejected' at closing time!

I am always on the lookout for new restaurants to try so if you have a favourite somewhere that you'd like to share with the wider community please do let me know. Whilst it takes a little organising it is worth it, especially when everyone gets to try somewhere they might not have gone to otherwise! On that note I don't have anywhere in mind for an outing in October - it should ideally be somewhere away from Chantilly so if you'd like to step up to the plate please let me know. It could well be that with vacances at the end of the month we don't get anything arranged - so who fancies sorting November? Laughing

On a final note - we are keen to organise a Christmas 'do' for Home & Away. Initial plans seem to be to have a dress-up dinner at a local Chateau, possibly on December 5th or 12th. If we can get the numbers we may be able to organise some entertainment for the evening, perhaps even raising money for a local cause. If you'd be interested in attending let me know.   read more.

Site Admin
Site Admin

Re: News for Autumn/Winter 2009

Post Posted: Sat Oct 03, 2009 5:33 pm

Hi Adrian

First of all, thanks for all you do to keep us expats here in the Chantilly area part of the community. Community is so important, particularly when living abroad!

Unfortunately, we Marshies won't be able to volunteer to organize the November outing. Although we have been in the area for almost a year now [where have the months disappeared to?] we've yet to do any exploring of restaurants near or far on our own. So recommending a place for a gang of us to go would not only be a challenge [although, we did go to the Pre Catelan-Paris a few years back!! It was, as one might expect, superb, but so was the bill :-)] but also totally risky! I hope, before the next 12 months pass us by, we'll be able to introduce the H&A crowd to an unforgettable culinary experience.

In the meantime, I would like to put our names forward to share in the H&A Xmas festivities and hope that both of us will be here to enjoy them!!

Best wishes
Annie Marsh


Loving France


Re: News for Autumn/Winter 2009

Post Posted: Wed Oct 07, 2009 3:00 am

Hey guys,

I am new to this website and would love to meet up

to chat away in english and have some fun

in your dining out society, sounds amazing !

Did I mention how much I love English, it's pure dead brilliant !


j\'adore l\'anglais et je voudrais rencontrer des anglais ou anglo-saxons pour discuter. hey guys would love to meet with some of you to exchange in english and perhaps joining the cricket club, lol ( :\r\nI lived six years in Scotland, so I

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